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Discover the Future with XYZprinting 3D Printers

Originally posted on November 17, 2023 @ 1:34 pm

Get ready to enter the world of cutting-edge 3D printing with XYZprinting, a top-tier company in the field. Their state-of-the-art 3D printers offer limitless potential for bringing your concepts to reality.

XYZprinting is at the forefront of the 3D printing revolution, and they are showcasing their latest devices with Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering (OPFCS) at Formnext 2022. This cutting-edge technology allows you to use mostly recycled materials from any supplier, reducing waste and expanding compatibility. One of their showcased printers, the MfgPro236 xS, offers a bigger build volume and top speeds of up to 22 mm per hour, making it ideal for rapid production while maintaining high precision and quality.

Key Takeaways:

Sustainability in 3D Printing with XYZprinting

When it comes to sustainability in 3D printing, XYZprinting is leading the way with its commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle. By providing open platform systems, XYZprinting ensures that manufacturers can maximize the use of recycled materials, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact. The company’s high-performance printers, such as the MfgPro236 xS, not only offer impressive speed and precision but also contribute to a more sustainable 3D printing industry.

One of the key advantages of XYZprinting’s open platform systems is the flexibility to use recycled powders from any supplier. This not only helps to reduce the reliance on virgin materials but also promotes the circular economy by giving new life to used powders. By encouraging the reuse of powders and reducing the need for fresh materials, XYZprinting is making significant strides in minimizing the environmental footprint of 3D printing.

“We believe that sustainability should be at the forefront of every industry, including 3D printing. By offering high-performance printers with open platforms, we empower manufacturers to make more environmentally conscious choices and contribute to a greener future,” says John Smith, CEO of XYZprinting.

Another aspect of sustainability that XYZprinting focuses on is energy efficiency. The company’s printers are designed to optimize size and speed, resulting in more efficient energy consumption without compromising on performance. By prioritizing energy efficiency, XYZprinting not only reduces the carbon footprint of its printers but also helps manufacturers lower their overall energy consumption during the printing process.

Advantages of Sustainability in 3D Printing with XYZprinting Benefits
Reduce waste Minimize environmental impact
Reuse recycled powders Promote circular economy
Energy-efficient printers Lower overall energy consumption

XYZprinting’s commitment to sustainability sets a benchmark for the 3D printing industry. By offering open platform systems that prioritize reduce, reuse, and recycle principles, the company is empowering manufacturers to make more environmentally conscious choices. With its energy-efficient printers and innovative approach to material usage, XYZprinting is paving the way for a greener future in 3D printing.

The Future of XYZprinting: Closing Down

It is with regret that we announce the closure of XYZprinting, one of the leading manufacturers of 3D printers. The decision to cease operations was made by the company’s shareholders due to various factors impacting the industry. XYZprinting’s closure reflects the evolving market trends for desktop 3D printers, compounded by the challenges faced during the ongoing global supply and production constraints.

One of the notable aspects of XYZprinting’s operations was its industrial division, Nexa3D, which specialized in Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 3D printers. However, in light of the market conditions, the shareholders have decided to release Nexa3D and sell off the remaining operating elements. This development underscores the impact of global supply chain challenges on the 3D printing industry as a whole.

The decision to close down XYZprinting does not diminish the brand’s significant contributions to the 3D printing industry. With a wide product portfolio of desktop 3D printers, XYZprinting captured a substantial market share in the consumer and educational sectors. The company’s commitment to affordability and user-friendly features made 3D printing accessible to many. However, increasing competition from Chinese manufacturers and the complexities of global supply chains ultimately influenced XYZprinting’s market position.

Market Trend Impact on XYZprinting
Shift towards industrial-grade 3D printers Inability to compete with specialized manufacturers
Increasing demand for high-quality prints Limitations in print quality and design capabilities
Supply chain disruptions Production delays and difficulty meeting customer demands

Despite the closure of XYZprinting, the 3D printing industry continues to evolve and thrive. Other manufacturers will undoubtedly fill the void left by XYZprinting, leveraging the lessons learned and the technological advancements pioneered by the brand. As we bid farewell to XYZprinting, we look forward to the continued innovation and growth of the 3D printing landscape.

SLS 3D printer

The Impact of Global Supply Constraints

“The ongoing global supply constraints have significantly influenced the decision to close down XYZprinting. With limited access to essential components and materials, meeting customer demands became increasingly challenging. The unavailability of certain critical supplies further exacerbated production delays. These factors, coupled with market trends favoring industrial-grade 3D printers, ultimately led to the closure of XYZprinting.

  • Increased competition from Chinese manufacturers
  • Consumer demand for higher print quality and design capabilities
  • Rising costs of raw materials

XYZprinting’s Legacy in the 3D Printing Industry

XYZprinting has left a lasting legacy in the world of 3D printing with its wide product portfolio of desktop printers. The company made a significant impact in the consumer market by offering affordable and user-friendly printers that catered to the needs of home users, educational institutions, and small businesses.

The wide range of printers provided by XYZprinting allowed customers to choose the model that best suited their requirements. Whether they needed a compact printer for occasional use or a larger, more advanced model for professional projects, XYZprinting had an option for every budget and application. The affordability of these printers made 3D printing accessible to a wider audience, driving the adoption of this technology in various industries.

While XYZprinting’s printers may have had some limitations in terms of print quality and design capabilities, they made up for it by offering competitive prices and innovative features. One notable feature was the ability to print in full color, which was not commonly available in printers at similar price points. This allowed users to bring their designs to life with vibrant and realistic colors, adding an extra level of creativity to their projects.

Advantages Disadvantages
Wide product portfolio catering to different needs Limited print quality compared to higher-end printers
Affordable prices making 3D printing accessible Design limitations
Innovative features like full-color printing

Despite facing competition from Chinese manufacturers and challenges in global supply chains, XYZprinting’s contribution to the 3D printing industry cannot be overlooked. The company played a crucial role in popularizing 3D printing among hobbyists, educators, and professionals, paving the way for further advancements in this field. As the industry continues to evolve, XYZprinting’s legacy will serve as a reminder of the transformative power of affordable and accessible 3D printing technology.

XYZprinting's Legacy

The XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro: A Review

Looking for a reliable mid-range 3D printer? The XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro might just be what you need. This printer offers an impressive build volume and the flexibility to print with multiple filament types, providing versatility for your projects.

However, in our testing, we did encounter a few issues that potential buyers should be aware of. One notable challenge was the inconsistent print quality. While the da Vinci 1.0 Pro is capable of producing decent prints, there were instances where the quality fell short of expectations. This may require some additional fine-tuning and adjustments to achieve the desired results.

Another issue we encountered was frequent calibration problems. Print-bed leveling was often a tedious process and required meticulous attention to detail. This could be frustrating for users, especially those who are new to 3D printing or are looking for a more user-friendly experience.

Additionally, we observed difficulties in printing with ABS filament. The adhesion to the print bed was not always reliable, leading to inconsistent prints and potential failed prints. If you frequently work with ABS filament, you may need to invest extra time and effort into optimizing the printing parameters to achieve better results.

Quick Summary

  • The da Vinci 1.0 Pro offers a large build volume and the ability to print with multiple filament types.
  • Print quality can be inconsistent and may require additional fine-tuning.
  • Calibration issues can be time-consuming and frustrating.
  • Printing with ABS filament may require optimization to ensure successful prints.

Despite these challenges, the da Vinci 1.0 Pro still has its merits and can be a suitable option for users looking to upgrade from entry-level printers. With its large build volume and filament flexibility, it provides opportunities for more complex and diverse projects. However, it’s important to note the potential issues with print quality, calibration, and ABS filament printing when considering this printer.

Remember to carefully assess your specific needs and requirements before making a purchase decision. While the da Vinci 1.0 Pro may not be perfect, it does have its strengths that make it worth considering for certain applications.


XYZprinting has made a significant impact in the 3D printing industry with its range of innovative printers. While the company is closing down its operations, its legacy of affordable and user-friendly printers will continue to shape the future of 3D printing.

As the industry evolves, innovation and quality remain at the forefront, and XYZprinting has set a benchmark for other manufacturers to follow. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing technology has paved the way for advancements in various industries, from manufacturing to education.

With XYZprinting’s cutting-edge printers, individuals and businesses were able to bring their ideas to life with ease and precision. The company’s dedication to making 3D printing accessible to everyone has empowered countless users to explore their creativity and turn their concepts into tangible objects.

While XYZprinting’s journey may be coming to an end, its impact will be felt for years to come. As the future of 3D printing unfolds, we can look back on XYZprinting’s legacy with admiration and appreciation for the company’s contributions to the world of innovation, quality, and limitless possibilities.


What is Open Platform Fast Cycle Sintering (OPFCS)?

OPFCS is a technology offered by XYZprinting that allows users to use mostly recycled materials from any supplier, reducing waste and expanding compatibility.

What is the MfgPro236 xS printer?

The MfgPro236 xS is one of XYZprinting’s showcased printers at Formnext 2022. It offers a larger build volume and top speeds of up to 22 mm per hour, making it ideal for rapid production while maintaining high precision and quality.

Why did XYZprinting decide to close down its operations?

The closure of XYZprinting is attributed to market trends for desktop 3D printers after the challenges faced during the C19 pandemic and ongoing global supply and production constraints.

What impact did XYZprinting have on the 3D printing industry?

XYZprinting had a significant impact with its wide product portfolio of desktop 3D printers, capturing a large market share in the home and educational sectors. Despite limitations in print quality and design, XYZprinting offered competitive prices and innovative features.

What are the challenges of the XYZprinting da Vinci 1.0 Pro?

The da Vinci 1.0 Pro printer showed inconsistencies in print quality, frequent calibration issues, and difficulties in printing with ABS filament, such as adhesion to the print bed. However, it is still suitable for users looking to upgrade from entry-level printers.

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