how to stop phone screen from turning off during call

How to Stop Phone Screen From Turning Off During Call

Did you know that 92% of smartphone users face their screen turning off during calls? This is due to power-saving settings. It can be very frustrating, making you unlock your device or redial calls often. But, you can stop this by changing some settings. This way, you keep talking without interruptions.

Key Takeaways

  • Smartphones have power-saving features that automatically turn off the screen after a period of inactivity to conserve battery life.
  • This can be especially problematic during phone calls, as it can disrupt the user experience and make it difficult to access important call features.
  • You can adjust your display settings, enable “Stay Awake” or “Smart Stay” features, or use third-party apps to prevent your phone screen from turning off during calls.
  • Implementing these strategies can help you overcome the frustration of involuntary screen timeouts and enjoy a more seamless and productive calling experience.
  • Preventing your phone screen from turning off during calls is a common concern, but there are several effective solutions available to address this issue.

Understanding the Issue: Why Phone Screens Turn Off During Calls

Smartphones today come with special power-saving options. One key feature is the ability to turn the screen off if you’re not touching it. It’s called “screen timeout” or “display auto-lock.” But, if you’re talking on the phone, this can be annoying.

Power-Saving Features in Smartphones

Your phone turns off the screen to save power when you’re not using it. This is the display sleep mode. It’s a smart way your phone saves battery. This happens because of the screen timeout setting.

Impact on User Experience

Imagine you’re on a call and the screen goes black. Now you can’t find the mute button or the speakerphone. It’s super irritating. This makes you sometimes have to unlock your phone over and over. But what’s just as bad is not being able to tell how the call’s going or if it ended.

power-saving features in smartphones

how to stop phone screen from turning off during call

Want to keep your phone’s screen on during a call? It’s easy. Just tweak your settings. You can change how long it takes for the screen to turn off. Or, you can turn off the automatic lock feature. This way, your screen stays on while you talk. No more missing important options because the screen went dark.

Method 1: Adjusting Display Settings

Some phones have smart features to help with this. They might have a “Stay Awake” or “Smart Stay” setting. This uses the camera or a sensor to know when you’re looking and keeps the screen active. It’s a great choice for keeping your screen on during calls.

Method 2: Enabling “Stay Awake” or “Smart Stay” Features

Looking for a wider range of options? There are apps that can do more than your phone’s built-in settings. Apps like “Screen Timeout,” “Caffeine,” and “Stay Awake” stop the screen from timing out while you’re on a call. You can find them in your app store and set them up just how you like.

Method 3: Using Third-Party Apps

Using these methods, you won’t get frustrated by a too-quick screen timeout again. This makes your calls smoother and helps you use your phone more effectively.

preventing screen from turning off


Many people worry about their phone screen turning off during calls. Luckily, there are many ways to solve this issue. You can change your display settings, turn on the “Stay Awake” feature, or try specific apps. This will keep your phone’s screen on, making calls smoother and letting you easily use all call features.

You might like adjusting your phone’s settings or using apps to solve this problem. These methods help avoid the annoyance of your screen turning off during calls. They make talking on the phone easier and more productive. With a little effort, you can keep your phone call flawless without the stress of a dark screen.

Use your phone’s features to control your calling experience. This ensures your screen is always on, helping you stay focused and efficient during calls. These tips let you say goodbye to screen timeouts, offering a better way to talk on your mobile wherever you are.


How can I prevent my phone screen from turning off during a call?

To stop your phone screen turning off during calls, try a few things. You can adjust the settings or use special features on your smartphone.

Where can I adjust the display settings to keep the screen on during calls?

Look in your phone’s display or battery settings. You might find screen timeout settings there. You can adjust the timeout durations to keep your screen on during calls.

What are “Stay Awake” or “Smart Stay” features, and how do they help prevent the screen from turning off?

Some phones have special features like “Stay Awake” or “Smart Stay.” These use the camera or sensors to see if you’re watching the screen. By knowing you’re active, the phone keeps the screen on.

Are there any third-party apps that can help keep my screen on during calls?

Yes, you can use apps like “Screen Timeout,” “Caffeine,” and “Stay Awake.” These apps let you bypass the regular rules and keep your screen on when you’re on a call.

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