how to make notifications play through headphones on an iphone

How to Make Notifications Play Through Headphones on iPhone

Did you know that over 80% of smartphone users rely heavily on notification sounds? These alerts keep them connected and informed all day. Yet, iPhone owners often find it hard to direct these vital alerts to their headphones. This is true for both wired and wireless headphones. Being able to send notification sounds to your headphones is crucial. It makes your iPhone’s experience much better.

This guide will show you how to set up your iPhone’s audio settings. You will learn how to control notification sounds through your headphones. This knowledge is key. It means you won’t miss a thing, whether you use wired headphones or the newest Bluetooth ones.

Key Takeaways

  • Routing notification sounds to your headphones on an iPhone ensures you never miss important alerts.
  • You can configure your iPhone’s audio settings and sound preferences to control how notifications are played through your headphones.
  • Understanding the audio system and sound preference options on your iPhone is key to managing notification sounds effectively.
  • Properly setting up notification sound routing for both wired and Bluetooth headphones can greatly improve your mobile experience.
  • Customizing your iPhone’s notification settings can help you stay informed and connected, even when your device is not in your direct line of sight.

Routing Notifications to Headphones on iOS

Make the most of your iPhone’s sound by knowing your audio options. This lets you send notifications and sounds to your headphones. You can do this with both wired and Bluetooth headphones.

Understanding Audio Settings

Your iPhone has many audio settings to play sounds through your headphones. No matter if you use wired headphones or Bluetooth headphones, you can choose how sounds play. Knowing these options helps you make your audio fit your needs. This way, you always hear important alerts on your favorite headphones.

Configuring Sound Preferences

Next, set up your iPhone to route iOS notifications and more to your headphones. This means setting your sound options right. By doing this, you make sure to catch every important alert or call. Even if it’s noisy or your phone is not nearby, you won’t miss a thing.

Learning to change these settings puts you in control of your mobile sound. Now, all your audio – including notification sounds – goes straight to your favorite headphones. It works whether they’re plugged in or wireless.

audio settings

how to make notifications play through headphones on an iphone

Using an iPhone makes it easy to get notification sounds in your headphones. This works for both wired and Bluetooth ones. You’ll always hear alerts, even if your phone is away or it’s noisy.

We will show you how to set this up. You can do it for any kind of headphones.

Wired Headphone Notifications

For wired headphones, it’s easy. First, plug your headphones into your iPhone. Then, open the Settings app on your phone. Go to Sounds & Haptics.

You can adjust the Ringer and Alerts volume there. Make it loud enough for you to hear notifications through your headphones.

Bluetooth Headphone Alerts

Using Bluetooth headphones is a bit different. First, pair your headphones with your phone. You do this in the Bluetooth menu of your Settings app.

Then, go to Sounds & Haptics. Check the volume for Ringer and Alerts. Set it to the level you want. Now you’ll hear all your iOS notifications through your Bluetooth headphones.

Wired and Bluetooth headphones


Being able to send your iPhone’s sounds to your headphones is super useful. It makes your phone better in many situations. By using this guide, you can make sure all your important sounds go to your headphones, whether they are wired or Bluetooth.

This feature keeps you updated and in touch. It’s great for when you can’t see your phone or it’s loud. With the info here, you can manage your iPhone’s notification system. This will give you a smoother, quicker, and more personalized phone experience that fits your likes.

If you like wired headphones or Bluetooth headphones, you’re all set. This guide shows you how to set up your iOS notifications and alert tones. Now, you won’t miss any alerts or messages, even in noisy places.


How do I route notification sounds to my headphones on an iPhone?

To get notification sounds in your headphones on an iPhone, dive into your audio settings. First, get to know how iPhone audio works. Then, set up your alert sounds to go to your headphones, wired or Bluetooth. This way, you won’t miss any alerts.

What are the steps to configure my iPhone’s audio settings for notification sounds?

Tailoring your iPhone for notification sounds is easy. Just head to Settings > Sounds & Haptics. Here, tweak the volume, pick your favorite alerts, and set up how you want to hear them. Include your headphones in these settings to get alerts in your headphones.

How do I make notifications play through my wired headphones on an iPhone?

For wired headphones, plug them into your iPhone’s jack. Then, check Settings > Sounds & Haptics to turn on “Headphone Audio.” With this, your notifications will play in your wired headphones.

How do I make notifications play through my Bluetooth headphones on an iPhone?

Making Bluetooth headphones alert-ready on your iPhone is a snap. Pair your Bluetooth headphones first. Then, go to Settings > Bluetooth to link them. Your Bluetooth headphones will then pop up as an option in Settings > Sounds & Haptics for alerts.

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