how to check text messages while talking on the iphone

How to Check Text Messages While Talking on the iPhone

Originally posted on June 1, 2024 @ 10:52 am

Over 80% of iPhone users benefit from the device’s multitasking feature. This feature lets you check texts without stopping your phone call. It helps you stay connected in various ways at the same time. We’ll show you how to do this and discuss more about the iPhone’s smooth calling and texting capabilities.

The iPhone lets you handle both calls and texts smoothly. You can keep talking while staying up-to-date with messages. Knowing how to check texts during a call makes your communication better. Plus, it lets you fully enjoy your iPhone’s different functions.

Key Takeaways

  • The iPhone allows you to check text messages while on a phone call, enabling seamless multitasking.
  • This feature keeps you connected and responsive without interrupting your current conversation.
  • Exploring the steps to access messages during a call can help you maximize the iPhone’s communication capabilities.
  • The iPhone’s simultaneous calling and texting features are part of its broader suite of multitasking and connectivity tools.
  • Understanding how to manage calls and messages simultaneously can improve your overall efficiency and responsiveness.

iPhone Multitasking: Simultaneous Phone Calls and Texting

The iPhone lets you talk on the phone while still texting. This means you can handle both calls and texts without any trouble. You might need to check a message or quickly reply. With the iPhone, this is easy to do without pausing your call.

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iPhone multitasking

how to check text messages while talking on the iphone

Checking texts while on a call is a great iPhone feature. To do it, press the Home button. If you have an iPhone X or later, swipe up from the bottom to go to the home screen. Then, open the Messages app to read without stopping the call. This makes managing your iPhone multitasking and checking messages easy.

T-Mobile Network Outage

A recent outage hit Apple’s iMessage service, stopping it for 46 minutes. Many iPhone users lost the ability to deal with calls and messages together. When this happens, use basic SMS texting. But, you might not get all the usual iMessage perks like secure chats or high-quality images.

iMessage Outage

There was also a recent iMessage outage like with T-Mobile. This stopped iPhone users from using call screening on iPhone and other important iPhone communication features. People turned to other messaging apps during the outage. But, this shows how crucial the iPhone multitasking and simultaneous phone call and texting features are today.

iPhone multitasking

Manage Calls and Messages Simultaneously on iPhone

The iPhone has great multitasking features. You can handle both calls and messages together. This means you can read texts while on a call. Your phone also has cool call screening options. These help you focus on what’s important.

Call Screening and Notification Settings

With the iPhone, you pick how calls and messages show up. You can even quiet some notifications. This lets you keep your focus, even with lots of messages or calls coming in.

The iPhone lets you see who’s calling before you pick up. You can choose to reply with a text, or send them to voicemail. This way, you handle your calls without getting interrupted.

Feature Benefit
Call Screening Review caller details and decide how to handle incoming calls
Notification Settings Customize how calls and messages are displayed and prioritized
Simultaneous Call and Texting Manage multiple communication channels without interruption

The iPhone helps you manage all your communication. It lets you juggle calls and texts smoothly. You won’t miss a beat, even with many people trying to reach you.

iPhone multitasking


Being able to read messages while on a call is a big plus for iPhones. It makes staying in touch easier than ever. This article showed how to do this without missing a beat in your conversation.

The iPhone keeps getting better at helping us connect. You can do more than just see a message. You can check your call history, or tweak your notifications. All without losing touch with who you’re talking to.

As tech moves forward, the iPhone is all about making things smoother. Its cool features like texting during calls will only get more important. They help us communicate better and be more effective with our iPhones.


How can I check text messages while talking on my iPhone?

To check your texts while on a call, press the Home button on your iPhone. If you have an iPhone X or later, swipe up from the bottom. Then, open the Messages app to see your texts. This won’t end your call.

Can I manage calls and text messages simultaneously on my iPhone?

Yes, you can handle both calls and texts at the same time with an iPhone. This is thanks to its multitasking feature. It allows you to smoothy talk on the phone and text without stopping your call.

How does the iPhone’s call screening and notification settings work?

The iPhone’s call screening and notification settings let you manage your calls and texts your way. You can set how alerts and messages show up. This keeps you in the loop without being overwhelmed.

What happens if there is an outage with iMessage on my iPhone?

When iMessage is down, you can still use standard SMS texts. But, you won’t get some iMessage perks. These include end-to-end encryption, sending large photos, read receipts, and seeing when someone’s typing.

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