how do i make my iphone turn off automatically at night

How to Make Your iPhone Turn Off Automatically at Night

Did you know that over 80% of Americans use their smartphones before bed? This bad habit can mess up sleep. So, it’s smart to make your iPhone turn off at night. Your phone has tools to manage power use. This lets you sleep better and save energy.

This guide will show you how to use iPhone features for better sleep. You’ll learn about Bedtime mode, shortcuts, and low power settings. These tips will help you take charge of your iPhone’s power use. This makes your tech use healthier and guarantees a good night’s rest.

Key Takeaways

  • Automated iPhone shutdown can improve battery life and sleep quality
  • Bedtime mode allows you to set a schedule for your iPhone to power down
  • Automation shortcuts and low power mode can further optimize nighttime performance
  • Customizing your iPhone’s sleep settings can create a more streamlined, energy-efficient experience
  • Taking control of your device’s power consumption can lead to better overall health and productivity

Enabling iPhone’s Bedtime Mode

To make your iPhone turn off at night and help you sleep better, you should use its iphone bedtime mode settings. Also called iphone sleep focus mode, this tool lets you make a special plan. You can pick when you want fewer distractions to sleep well.

Setting Up Bedtime Schedule

First, open the Clock app on your iPhone and go to “Bedtime.” Here, you can choose the time when you want to sleep and wake up. Make sure you select a time that goes well with iphone screen time limits. During these hours, your phone will help you sleep better by cutting back on notifications.

Customizing Bedtime Mode Options

In the Bedtime settings, you can do some more tweaks to your liking. Decide if you want your phone’s screen to dim or turn off during Bedtime. You can also say which apps and notifications can disturb your sleep. This way, your phone won’t bother you at night.

iphone bedtime mode settings

Setting and customizing your iPhone’s Bedtime mode can really improve your night routine. It uses iphone sleep focus mode and iphone screen time limits to help you stay healthy and sleep well.

how do i make my iphone turn off automatically at night

If you want your iPhone to turn off by itself at night, there’s a neat trick to try. You can use the built-in Automation Shortcuts. These let you set custom actions for your iPhone, like shutting down at a set time.

Using Automation Shortcuts

On your iPhone, the Automation feature is a great tool. It lets you schedule tasks, such as turning off your phone at night. To use it, first open the Shortcuts app. Then head over to its Automation section. Here, you can make a new personal rule that turns off your iPhone when it’s bedtime.

To do this, pick “Time of Day” as your trigger. Then, choose when you want your iPhone to switch off. Finally, set the action to “Power Off.” With this, your phone will automate iphone shutdown every night. This boosts your battery life and keeps your nightly routine in check.

Configuring Low Power Mode

There’s also another handy feature to save power at night on your iPhone. It’s called iphone power saving mode. You can find it in the Settings. It automatically makes your iPhone use less power by tweaking some settings.

Once you turn Low Power Mode on, your iPhone does several things. It reduces background activities, dims the screen, and eases off on demanding apps. This helps your phone’s battery last longer. When used along with an automatic off schedule, your iPhone gets a really good setup for saving power.

iphone auto power off schedule


In this guide, you learned how to make your iPhone turn off at night. This helps your battery last longer and makes your sleep better. You can do this by using the iPhone’s Bedtime mode and setting it to turn off at a certain time each night. This helps you avoid being on your phone all night long.

You can also use shortcuts and low power mode to improve your iPhone’s night performance. These steps make your phone use less energy, which helps save battery. By following our advice, you’ll have more control over your phone. This means you can focus more on your health and work.

Following these tips will lead to a night of good sleep without distractions. You’ll wake up feeling energized and ready for the day. Embracing an automatic shutdown for your iPhone can really change your daily routine for the better.


How do I make my iPhone turn off automatically at night?

To make your iPhone turn off at night, you have a few options. First, set up the iPhone’s Bedtime mode. Then, choose when your phone should shut down. You can also tweak the low power mode to help save battery through the night.

How do I set up an auto power off schedule on my iPhone?

Setting up a power-off schedule is simple. Just head to Settings > Focus > Bedtime on your iPhone. From there, pick when you want your phone to turn off every night.

What are the iPhone Bedtime mode settings?

Bedtime mode lets you decide when your phone goes into sleep mode. You can set the times and choose to silence notifications. This also dims your screen and can start a routine to help you relax before bed.

How can I optimize my iPhone’s battery life at night?

For better battery life, turn on low power mode. It cuts down on apps running in the background. You can also set up shortcuts to help save battery overnight and keep your phone efficient.

What are some tips for creating a nighttime routine with my iPhone?

Use Bedtime mode, low power mode, and shortcuts to craft an evening routine. This might include turning off your phone at a certain time and making the screen dim. It also stops notifications and limits app use to help you sleep better.

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